Featured Recipients


Xiaoyan Shen

Over the past 10 years, Xiaoyan has taught at BISU and served as a professional interpreter for over 100 international conferences, seminars and business meetings. She has been invited to lecture at several T&I programs both at home and abroad. One of them, the “National High-End T&I Professional Training Program,” was the first of its kind at the national level to be sponsored by the Chinese government. In 2007, Xiaoyan entered MIIS as an Advanced Entry student and received a master’s degree in Conference Interpretation (MACI 2008). “Eleven years ago, the Stilwell Scholarship offered me a glimpse of the generosity and kindness of the Stilwell family. Over the years I have become a close friend of the family, which afforded me rare opportunities to understand General Joseph W. Stilwell’s spiritual heritage, and his love and kindness towards the Chinese people, which has been handed down from one generation to another in this noble family.”


Beiming Wang

A former Stilwell scholar (1985-1987), Beiming worked as an assistant professor at MIIS upon graduation. A few years later, he returned to China, serving as a technical adviser for a number of Chinese tech firms, including ZTE (1988-2017) in Shenzhen. He currently volunteers for Southeast Tujia Minority Region of Guizhou Province in the primary school education program.


Chongning Xu

Born in Chongqing, Xu is a professor and dean of the Foreign Languages School of Pass College of CTBU (Chongqing Technology and Business University, and formerly Yuzhou University), where she previously studied English (1978-1982). She earned an M.A. in American and British Literature from Sichuan International Studies University (1985-1988) and an M.A. in TESOL from the Monterey Institute of International Studies (1992-1994). Xu also served as a member of the Chongqing Foreign Language Society, as vice chairman of the Chongqing Translation Association, and as a member of the Chongqing Evaluation Committee of Professional Titles for Translation. Though Xu primarily teaches English, she also undertakes academic research and teaching reform projects from CTBU, Chongqing Federation of Social Science Circles, Chongqing Education Committee and the Higher Education Department of the Ministry of Education. Additionally, she has published papers and books about English teaching, teaching reform, and British and American literature.


Colleen Feng

Colleen Feng has been a Stilwell scholar since 2016 and is majoring in Translation and Localization Management at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies. Before coming to MIIS, she obtained her master’s degree in Teaching English as a Second Language at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She has always had the dream of bridging cultural gaps and helping people from different cultures connect. To achieve this, she has helped students from more than 11 countries improve their knowledge of English as well as understand the culture of its native speakers. She is currently working for a company in the Bay Area to help localize its products in efforts to provide more international customers with a natural and pleasant user experience. She will keep working towards her goal of uniting the world.